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Asbestos & Lead Paint Testing & Reporting

Most common needs for asbestos testing is when there

is a property loss due to water, fire or wind damage. We

also conduct asbestos inspection services prior to any

renovation or demolition of a structure.






RadonTesting & Reporting

We conduct Radon Testing on Commercial and Residential structures for the purpose of sales transactions or occupancy compliance.


Indoor Air Quality Testing

We conduct Indoor Air Quality testing  for volatile organic componds and any chemical application.








Mold Testing

We conduct Mold Testing on Commercial and Residential structures in the event there is water intrusion or property damage resulting from fire or demolition. Mold testing is most commonly found in any structure when water is introduced to a cellulose building componet. We will conduct a microbial investigation to determine the level of risk to the occupants and damge to the structure. After the investigation is complete a scope is developed to alleviate the building damage and remove the risk to the occupants.








Environmental Site Assements (ESA Phase 1)

An ESA Phase 1 is most commonly conducted prior to a property transaction to determine the existing or pre existing sub surface environmental conditions.










Water Intrusion Evaluation

We conduct water intrusion testing and reporting to determine the source. We use detection devices such as FLIR and moisture detection equipment during the investigation. We also provide concrete water intrusion testing to determine the amount of water penetrating the concrete prior to building substrate installation.












Expert Witness Testimony

We have been in the environmental testing and consulting business for over 25 years operating in California and Nevada. We have conducted environmental investigations for Public and Private 

buildings and institutions over the years.

We have testified as an expert witness

many times over the years in all aspects

of our services as listed above.








Environmental Science Services

Toxic Mold Testing

"Let us be of service to you......"

Chase Jones, Industrial Hygienist

Environmental Science Services 

NIOSH 582 Certified Microscopist 7400 Method 


Environmental Science Services

California/Nevada Operations

Office: (916) 417-5361 Field: (209) 304-8444




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